What’s the DNS probe finished error on Google Chrome?

What’s the DNS probe finished error on your Google Chrome? All I could tell you that’s a very popular and common error on the Google Chrome browser. This error is related to DNS problems and you need to solve the problem before use the Chrome browser again.

According to most reports from users and experts, the DNS Probe Finished No Internet error occurs due to DNS issues. That’s mean, if the DNS server is timed out, then this error will come to your browser, especially Google Chrome.

However, sometimes, the DNS server is not the root cause of this error. If you have any expired cache or cookies on the Chrome browser, it also could lead you to the DNS Probe Finished No Internet error. So if you want to fix this DNS issue, you should try all ways like change DNS server addresses, clear cookies and cache of the Google Chrome browser as well as reinstall Google Chrome if needed.

In most cases I know, we only need to replace the default DNS server on your computer by other services like Google’s DNS or OpenDNS. And then the DNS problem should be gone immediately. Moreover, there is another way that could help us to solve the DNS probe error on Google Chrome. In this way, you need to launch the Command Prompt program, type a few commands reset current IP address on your computer, renew the IP address and the DNS error will be gone.

I hope this step by step and easy to understand article will help you and your friends to fix the DNS probe finished no internet error on your Windows computer, as well as the Google Chrome browser.


Microsoft’s released the Windows 10 build 9901

Microsoft is now released the next build version of the Microsoft’s Windows 10, build 9901; with many new features and improvements.

First, they are developing a new Windows Store beta version with new look and feel with a new style and redesign it with new functions.

Next, the Windows 10 build 9901 version has a new taskbar and a new maximum button, replace for the old one.

It also get the new wallpaper pack, and the old one still existing on the pack. The Windows 10 build 9901 has a new redesign Photos app with more features to help you manage and edit your photo more easy.

If you would like to download the ISO file for your Microsoft’s Windows 10 build 9901, then click the link above and get ready to download.